A Western Powerhouse – We are Stronger Together.

For a very long time Bristol and its surrounding conurbation has been a lightweight.  It has kept itself out of view and sight and seemingly lacked much ambition.  But the referendum for a mayor for Bristol in 2012 began an awakening.  An awakening to just what might be possible. Now our current government is resolved

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Why an Independent Mayor Works for Bristol

It’s often said the problem with politics today is that it’s all one side or the other. Labour or Conservative. Right versus Left.  Politics has become a simple binary choice, which explains why Independents are becoming a rare endangered political species. There are 650 MPs in Westminster but only three with no allegiance to a

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Back to the Future for Bristol?

Many of the powers being discussed for city devolution are in fact powers that cities like Bristol previously held prior to the 1980’s. How do we ensure that, if such powers are returned, it represents true devolution rather than merely delegation of the responsibility for implementing cuts? Local government has gone through many changes –

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