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Bristol 1st – £1700 Boost for Bristol Workers

  Data released this week from the annual survey of hours and earnings has shown an increase of £1,700 for the average Bristol worker since 2009. This means that the city now boasts the highest average salary out of any other Labour controlled core city, that includes Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool. This showcases the excellent

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Conservative Party: Rail Revolution in the Region Given Another Boost by the Tories!

A Conservative motion calling on the Mayor to get fully behind the campaign to reopen a rail station at Ashton Gate has achieved cross-Party backing at Tuesday’s Full Council. The resolution, proposed by Bishopsworth Councillor Richard Eddy, builds on and reflects one of his group’s longstanding spending priorities for greater capital investment in the local

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Conservative – Mayor Refuses to Rule Out Closing Refurbished River Crossing to Traffic!

The fears of many over the future of Prince Street Swing Bridge have once more been brought into the spotlight following Mayor Ferguson’s lukewarm and non-committal response on the subject at Tuesday’s Members’ Question time. Conservative Councillor Graham Morris raised the issue in an attempt to establish whether or not this repair project was still

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