Press Release

Labour: Bristol needs a Low Emission Zone

Bristol Labour Councillors have called on upon the Mayor to implement a pilot Low Emissions Zone in Bristol to improve the city’s poor air quality. Labour plan strengthen a motion introduced by Liberal Democrat Councillors who want to see a  Low Emission Zone by 2020. But Labour is going further by calling on the Mayor

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Liberal Democrats – Mayoral candidate Kay Barnard backs better regulation of landlords and letting agents

Following a meeting at UWE with students by invitation on Friday and speaking at the Liberal Democrat Spring conference, Bristol Mayoral candidate Kay Barnard spoke out about the need for better regulation of both landlords and lettings agents.  The success of Bristol in new and expanding job opportunities has attracted more people and students to

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Conservative Party – “Conservative Mayoral Rival Relieved Over Decision To Re-Open Swing Bridge To Traffic!”

Conservative Candidate for Mayor Councillor Charles Lucas is celebrating the end of uncertainty surrounding the future of Prince Street Swing Bridge. This historic crossing in the City Docks has been closed for repair since August 2015 and, due to the extent of corrosion found to its internal structure and mechanisms, this work is not currently

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