Born on the Hartcliffe estate, the son of a Bedminster-born postman and a Knowle West housewife, Tony is very proud of his Bristol heritage which he has traced back generations. His political views have been shaped to a large degree by his family roots amongst the Bedminster coalminers and Bristol dock workers, and in particular by the experiences of his grandfather who grew up in slum conditions in the Old Market area. After leaving Hartcliffe school in 1981 to work in the construction industry, Tony later reskilled to join the IT training industry where he worked for a local not-for-profit organisation supporting small business start-ups. Later recruited by the giant US computer company DEC, Tony worked closely with partners such as Microsoft, Cisco, Nokia, and with key clients in the City of London financial services industry and the UK retail industry. Since moving back to Bristol, Tony has been involved in several grass-roots projects and has written regularly on economic and political issues, including for the independent online newspaper Bristol 24-7. Aged 50, and married with one daughter, Tony strongly believes there is a real need to initiate a broader debate about the policies needed to deliver a sustainable future for Bristol and its citizens/ In October, Tony was selected as the Green Party candidate to become Mayor of Bristol in 2016.