Horfield Conservative Councillor Claire Hiscott has expressed dismay over the confusing communication coming out of City Hall concerning possible new parking restrictions in her ward.

Following months of delay and deliberation, highways officers have finally produced a set of proposals to deal with the problems created in the streets surrounding Southmead Hospital attributable to a lack of on-site staff parking facilities.

The Traffic Regulation Order – which gives notice of the planned measures – has appeared on lampposts in the area, and residents now have an opportunity to comment or object to the schemes as part of an obligatory public consultation process.

In this instance, the TRO runs from Thursday, 24th March until Monday, 18th April 2016.

However, Cllr Hiscott is concerned that the information displayed is both the bare minimal in terms of content whilst at the same time so densely presented as to be virtually meaningless.

Cllr Hiscott (Con, Horfield) said:  “The posters advertising these changes are really quite baffling.  They are spaced few and far between and totally incomprehensible to most people I have met.

“Residents have no idea of the scope of plans for their own roads and, let’s face it, few will have the stamina to stand in the cold and try to get to grips with a legal notice that is about as exciting to read as a telephone directory.

“The Council’s website – to which persons are directed for further information – is equally bamboozling and unhelpful.  If English is not your first language, you don’t stand a chance of finding out what is going on here.

“Ideally, officers should have used the lengthy delay in bringing forward these proposals to produce individual street maps and user-friendly literature.  Instead, we have the Council appearing to hide behind a mountain of legalese.

“Regarding some of the outlined prohibitions on waiting times themselves, sadly, despite urging the Mayor to include exemptions for residents, officers have developed schemes which will require those who are at home during the day to regularly move their vehicles.

“After years of frustration over local parking pressures, I fear people will be sorely disappointed with what is in fact on offer.

“Furthermore, at the end of the day, I believe it is important for highways planners to remember that they are there to serve the people of Bristol – not the other way round.

“This latest effort at communicating with the public is largely legal gobbledygook and won’t be earning the City Council a crystal mark for clarity any time soon.”