Independent Candidate, Laurence Duncan, withdraws from the Mayoral Election Bristol, UK, February 12, 2016.

laurence-duncan-1434536924The Independent Candidate for the Bristol 2016 Mayoral Elections, Laurence Duncan, announced today that he is pulling out of the Mayoral campaign. When asked why, he responded “I feel very passionately that the people of Bristol need to be able to give their full consideration to a candidate in order to be able to vote for that candidate. I am not a well-known person in the Bristol political spectrum and as such have not been able to generate enough initial support to make my continuance worthwhile. I lack the funds, resources and support at this stage and understand that without that foundation I will not be able to communicate my message in a manner that will make sense to the voters. I do not wish to unnecessarily dilute the election process and therefore will pull out of this Mayoral Election Process”.

Laurence Duncan first announced his intention to stand in May 2015 in a bid to give himself enough time to raise funds for an all-encompassing advertising campaign. Unfortunately he has been unable to raise enough funds to do so. Laurence did state “I will refund the monies already donated to my campaign to those who were kind enough to support me”. He continued “this is not the end of my bid to lead Bristol in an Independent, Fair and Balanced fashion. I will instead put myself forward as a candidate for Local Councillor in the Avonmouth Ward in which I live so that I can work for the benefit of my neighbours in Avonmouth and Shirehampton and gain the wider Bristol presence I will need in the next campaign. Whether I am elected for the position of Councillor or not I will continue raising my profile  and campaigning for the improvements I believe that Bristol needs over the next four years and hopefully I will be able to conduct a higher-profile campaign next time.

“I would like to thank the people who have, through my Facebook page and in direct conversation, pledged their support and assure them that I will still campaign for the things that we jointly believe in. I will retain my social media and web presence and will become increasingly active in the Bristol political sphere over the coming years and months.”